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7 Strengths to Cultivate For Success: Downloadable video/audio course

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We're often told to focus on our supposed weaknesses to try to improve them. But what if, instead, we turn our attention toward our natural strengths and then use them daily to reach our goals?

In this course, you will discover:

  • Why you never have to worry about lacking any specific strength needed for achievement
  • How to recognize your natural strengths in your everyday life
  • How to cultivate the strengths that are most important for success
  • How to stop seeing yourself as less than capable
  • How to recognize your capability for success every single day
  • And more

Too often, we are looking at what is supposedly wrong with us and what we’re supposed to fix or change about ourselves. We try all sorts of techniques to improve things like productivity and motivation.

This course will show you, and you’ll see it for yourself, that all of that self-improvement isn’t necessary because you already have everything you need for success.

Within you, right this very moment, is every answer, every solution, every strength you could ever need to create the kind of life you truly desire.

Go through these lessons about 7 strengths for success and see for yourself just how powerful you are.

You'll receive 7 videos (plus the audio versions) of about 5 minutes each, plus the introduction.

Note: This course is also available as audio-only on the Insight Timer app as part of their subscription.

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Last updated May 4, 2024

You'll get 9 downloadable video lessons + the audio versions + a .pdf "playbook"

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7 Strengths to Cultivate For Success: Downloadable video/audio course

0 ratings
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