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28 Days of Simplicity: Downloadable Audio Course

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I invite you to listen to the introduction to 28 Days of Simplicity:

You're invited to go on a 28-day journey of self-discovery that can transform the way you experience your life:

- Enjoy more ease in your daily life

- Relieve stress and resolve conflict more naturally

- Discover a renewed sense of calm

- Experience more happiness and a feeling of prosperity

- Take action on your goals and dreams more readily

- See new opportunities and have more energy to pursue them

Enjoy 28 Days of Simplicity: a downloadable audio course with Mary Schiller.

You'll receive 29 .mp3 audios. Each one, excluding the introduction, is about 5 minutes long.

Note: This course is also available on the Insight Timer app as part of their subscription.

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Last updated May 4, 2024

You'll receive a .zip folder with 29 .mp3 audio files (includes the introduction). Each audio is about 5 minutes long; the intro is about 2 min.

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28 Days of Simplicity: Downloadable Audio Course

0 ratings
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