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7 Days of Serendipity: Downloadable Audio Course

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I've never been someone who believed in luck.

To me, luck has always looked too random for what I've noticed about life: the way things often "fall into place" without effort. The phone call that arrives "out of the blue" with the answer to a problem. The "chance" encounter with someone whose advice changes our life for the better.

So if it isn't luck, then what is it?

It's serendipity.

Except that serendipity doesn't mean something that happens by chance (despite what the dictionary definition might say).

Because if that were true, how could there be so many instances of serendipity in our lives? Everyone can recite examples of serendipity -- many of them.

In this course, you'll discover what serendipity is, what it isn't, and how it's actually working for us behind the scenes all the time.

You'll also begin to notice serendipity on a daily (yes, daily!) basis.

In short, you'll see -- and experience -- more magic. And who doesn't want more magic in life?

Enjoy 7 Days of Serendipity: a downloadable audio course with Mary Schiller.

You'll receive 7 audios (.mp3 files) of about 5 minutes each plus the introduction audio.

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Last updated May 4, 2024

You'll receive a .zip folder with 6 .mp3 audio files (includes the introduction). Each audio is about 5 minutes, with the intro about 2 minutes

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7 Days of Serendipity: Downloadable Audio Course

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