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Your Big Money Breakthrough: a 3-part transformational video series

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Throw away everything you've heard about "money mindset," "manifestation," "attraction," and all the rest.

No more rewriting your "money stories" or diving into your past. Who wants to do that, anyway?

Good riddance. It's all exhausting and serves no purpose other than to confuse you and make you feel worse about yourself and money.

What you need is a big money breakthrough. 

Join me, Mary Schiller, for this 3-part recorded training.

--> Fair warning: This program is truly transformational. Are you ready for it? Let's find out. :-)

This recorded training (from a live event) is for you if you want to know ...

  • How to free yourself, once and for all, from the money struggle
  • How to stop cutting off your dreams because "it won't pay the bills"
  • How to experience money as something fun instead of fear-inducing
  • How to let go of a job that gets the bills paid but is taking up way too much of your precious life
  • How to stop putting money at the center of everything because it feels like it has to be, or else!
  • And so much more

Purchase this 3-part video experience and set yourself up not just for a mini breakthrough, but for a BIG money breakthrough.

You'll receive:

  • 3 video recordings of the live talks, downloadable (each one approximately 80-90 minutes)
  • Downloadable audio versions of the 3 talks
  • A transformational experience

Take control of money, and your life, with a big money breakthrough.

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Last updated May 4, 2024

You'll receive 3 downloadable .mp4 videos (totaling 4+ hours) + the audio versions (.mp3)

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Your Big Money Breakthrough: a 3-part transformational video series

0 ratings
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