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An EPIC masterclass recording: From Content to Clients

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Having a successful coaching business requires you to show up confidently and consistently.

But how do you know what to say? What do you put into your content that will bring in amazing clients?

From Content to Clients (originally live streamed on FB) will give you more than practical answers.

It will BLOW YOUR MIND as to what is possible for you, for your business, for your clients, for your LIFE.

This class is like no other you have ever heard on the subject of creating and sharing content. You'll walk away with a sense of freedom, power and purpose like never before -- as well as practical steps you can take for your coaching business, starting today.

Comments from people who attended this class live:

"I’ve NEVER before heard what you shared with us all tonight. No one has ever shared this! What does it mean for me personally now! In one word FREEDOM."

"I am going to listen to the recording over and over. I would have paid big bucks to hear this class."

"Mary, you are incredible. This has been so enlightening for me. I so appreciate you."

"Powerful. Intimate. Inspiring. Thank you so much."


  • The recording is approximately 1 hr. & 45 minutes. 
  • You will be able to download the audio version (.mp3) or listen online.
  • You'll be able to stream the video version online. 
  • You can download the .pdf summary of From Content to Clients

All sales final.

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Last updated Jun 3, 2024

You'll receive a downloadable audio version, the ability to stream the video version, plus a summary .pdf of From Content to Clients

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An EPIC masterclass recording: From Content to Clients

0 ratings
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